Rail Car Loading and Unloading


Boot-Lift® Railcar Connector

Boot-Lift® Railcar Connector improves the speed and safety of connecting a hopper car to under-track systems, without workers crawling under the car and without losing material to wind or contamination.

Features and Benefits:

  • Boot prevents material loss, air pollution and contamination.
  • Boots are automatically connected.
  • Connector rises as railcar empties.
  • Unit uses only 10 cfm at 90 psi (28 l/min. at 6.2 bar).
  • Including double or single-pocket, round-opening and GATX. Adapter plates allow interchangeability.


  • Manual Aligner - simplifies car positioning by allowing adjustment of the Boot-Lift® Railcar Connector up to six inches (152 mm) total – three inches (76 mm) in either direction – along the track.
  • Pneumatic Aligner - air-powered aligner provides eight inches (203 mm) of total adjustment – four inches (102 mm) in either direction – along the track. Remote control operation requires only 10 psi (0.7 bar) of air.

Railcar Opening


Gate Jack Opener

The Martin® Gate Jack Opener is a single worker-portable, air-operated system that opens stubborn railcar gates quickly, without risking back injury or needing extra personnel.


  • Reduce operating expenses:
  • Spot the car, open the gate and start unloading. There's no time wasted trying to muscle the gate open.
  • Operates from an 80 to 125 psi (5.5 to 8.5 bar) air supply at 70 cfm (1982 L/m).
  • Supplied with hoses and hand-held control valve.

Railcar Opener

Martin® Railcar Opener is an adjustable air-powered opener that maneuvers easily on three wheels to release the most stubborn hopper car gates and start efficient unloading.

Features and Benefits:

  • Powers open the most stubborn hopper car gate with 2700 ft-lb (3661 N-m) of torque at 90 psi (6.2 bar).
  • Pivoting wheels allow unit to maintain contact with traveling capstan of rack and pinion gate opener on hopper cars.
  • Smooth, non-impacting force opens gates without costly damage.
  • Operates from 90-120 psi (6.2 to 8.2 bar), air supply at 20 cfm (566 L/min). Noise measured at 95 dBA at operator position is acceptable for plant operations.
  • Adjustable base allows one worker to maneuver wheeled cart through tight spaces. Height-adjustable unit fits any ground condition beside.

Railcar Material Flow Aid (Vibration)


Portable Railcar Vibrator

The Martin® Portable Railcar Vibrator on easy-fit mounting shoe slides into hopper bracket to provide powerful forces to unload bulk materials from railway cars.

Features and Benefits:

  • Vibrator with three-inch (76-mm) piston provides force up to 985 pounds (4381 N) at 80 psi (5.5 bar) to keep material moving.
  • Durable mounting shoe slides readily into the female bracket on hopper bottom railcars.

Brute® Motor Driven Railcar Vibrator

The Brute® Motor Driven Railcar Vibrator clamps on railcar sill to provide high-energy vibration that improves the evacuation of even compacted material from railcar hoppers.

Features and Benefits:

  • High-grade ductile iron case provides maximum durability.
  • Low-maintenance bearings require lubrication after 500 hours of service.
  • Powerful, efficient motor for long service life, minimal power consumption.
  • Tapped exhaust port allows muffler installation to reduce operating noise.
  • Adjustable eccentrics allow tuning of force output of most models to match application.


  • Available with pneumatic or hydraulic motor.
  • Mounting options available.
  • CCV Series - With an integral clamp foot, these powerful vibrators suit portable applications like railcar unloading.
  • DV Series - For permanent installation on large vessels, these vibrators come with four or six-bolt-hole mount bases.
  • CV Series - Incorporate two bolt-holes for permanent mounting on hoppers, bins, or chutes.
  • CC Series - With its cradle lug bracket, this series is suited for applications requiring portability and position changes.

Cougar® Impacting Railcar Vibrator

The Cougar® Impacting Railcar Vibrator's forceful impacts provide powerful vibration to move even compacted material from hopper cars, keeping railcar unloading clean, safe and efficient.

Features and Benefits:

  • Linear vibrator provides powerful force to boost material flow.
  • Lightweight vibrator and shoe make mounting/dismounting a strain-free procedure.
  • Compact vibrator and mount assembly provides plenty of power to unload the most stubborn materials.
  • Vibrator and wedge system weighs only 48 lbs (21 kg), reducing risk of injury from manhandling large, cumbersome vibrators into railcar brackets.
  • The Cougar® Impacting Railcar Vibrator is covered by Martin Engineering's Absolutely No Excuses Guarantee.