Secondary Conveyor Belt Cleaners

The Martin® SQC2S™ Secondary Belt Cleaner incorporates individually-cushioned tungsten carbide blades for effective conveyor belt cleaning without risk to belt, splice or blade.

As these cleaners are typically installed away from the pulley, they should be placed at or near a point where the belt is against a roller. Firm support prevents the cleaning pressure from raising the belt line and reducing cleaning efficiency.

SQC2S™ Cleaner

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Features and Benefits:
Rugged belt cleaner construction withstands punishing applications, like high-speed belts and high-tonnage loads. Patented rubber buffers maintain cleaning pressure while deflecting to allow splices to pass. Blade replacement is simple: remove pin, slide out cartridge, service and return. Compact secondary belt cleaner design allows installation in close quarters; narrow profile resists material buildup. Rubber buffers allow for reversal of belt direction without damage to belt.

DT2 Inline Secondary Cleaner

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Features and Benefits:
Slide-in/slide-out belt cleaner blade cartridge allows quick and easy blade service that minimizes conveyor downtime. Even when the cleaner is encrusted with material, one-half of the split frame can be removed to allow blade change. Effective belt cleaning reduces plant cleanup chores and prolongs life of conveying equipment. Cleaner can be installed on conveyors that roll back or run in two directions with proper blade selection. Lean profile minimizes space requirements, allows installation in spaces as narrow as seven inches (178mm).

DT2 Inline Cleaner XHD

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Features and Benefits:
Reduces plant cleanup chores and prolongs life of conveyor components. Mandrel allows quick-and-easy belt cleaner blade replacement to increase conveyor availability. Individual belt cleaner blade segments slide into sturdy track-forming cartridge. This cartridge slides over stainless steel mainframe into cleaning position. The split-track cartridge design allows simple belt cleaner blade removal even with material accumulation.

Durt Hawg® DH2 Cleaner

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Features and Benefits:
Blade replacement is fast and easy; just pound out worn blades and pound in the new ones. Resilient urethane cleaning elements absorb impact, let splices pass without damage. Rugged, one-piece molded urethane elements stand up to tough conditions.