Spillage Saver Kits


The ACT Group has prepared easy to order Spillage Saver Kits for Transfer Point conveyor locations which will assist our customers with their material processing challenges. The return on investment (ROI) for these kits will pay for their parts and installation. Contact ACT so we can show you how! And…. ACT has a crew which specializes in conveyor maintenance and installation to help you install your kits.

KITS TO INCLUDE QTY UNIT TYPE ACT Three Piece Chute w/Bolts 12 FEET Dust Curtains 1 EACH EVO Standard Guard a Belt 1 EACH Slider Bed 1 EACH V-Plow Either Standard or Durt Dozer 1 EACH Standard Apron Seal 24 FEET Angle Clamps w/hardware 4 EACH OPTIONAL ITEMS Tailbox Trac-Mount Idlers Access Doors Air Cleaners Installation available Load Deflectors Cradles with Center Rolls Clamping Systems Installation available by ACT Service Crews NOTES Client to supply Idlers Spillage Kits Components


Dust Curtain

Installed near end of transfer point chute enclosure, Martin® Dust Curtains slow loading zone airflow so airborne dust settles back into belt cargo.

Features and Benefits:
Recommended installation is 1 dc wo/slits closest to loading zone, followed by one dust curtain w/slits at exit of skirt board.
Additional dust curtains may be installed to reduce air movement & isolate dust suppression or dust collection sys for additional dust control.
Curtains form a plenum that slows air velocity, allowing airborne particles to return to belt.
Slit curtains conform to belt load without pushing material off conveyor.
Curtains hang to 1 inch (25 mm) below normal material profile on belt.
Curtain bolts into steel frame for simple replacement.
Rugged 1/4-inch (6 mm) rubber construction provides extended service in tough conditions.


EVO® Combination Cradle


Features and Benefits:
EVO® Combination Cradle provides a powerful, adjustable load support while helping to stop dust & spillage in the conveyor load zone.
It also removes gaps between the conveyor belt idlers to provide an effective sealing surface for skirting.
Steel reinforcement for impact bars; each impact bar is reinforced with steel.
Adjustable supports make installation easy; wings adjust to match any standard trough angle.
Allows compensation for wear; eccentrics in wing supports allow outer bars five degrees of wear adjustment.
Simple bar replacement; impact bars are each secured with two bolts.
Engineered to fit your conveyor; available for belts from 24 to 72 inches (500 to 2000 mm) wide.
Rugged structure stands up to abuse; sturdy cradle base is constructed from four formed channels.
Available with center rolls; center rolls reduce friction and require less conveyor drive horsepower than bars.

Slider Cradle

Installed under the skirt board of a transfer point, Martin® Slider Cradles support the edges of the belt to eliminate sag. Requirements. These cradles prevent transfer point spillage by stabilizing the belt's path and allow the effective sealing of the belt edge. Cradles are available with high-performance UHMW or Stainless Steel Bars to match application

Features and Benefits:
The Martin® Slider Cradle supports the belt edges, allowing an effective seal.
Slider Cradle eliminates pinch points where trapped material can gouge the belt.
Conveyor belt glides over UHMW bars without heat buildup.
Use both top and bottom of unique "box bar" to provide dual-wear surfaces for double wear life.
Slider Cradle adjusts for wear easily with simple tools.
Fits any troughing angle. One bar per side for belts 18 (457 mm) to 42 inches (1067 mm);
wider belts require two bars per side. Center bar or rollers may be required.


Durt Dozer™ Plow

The Martin® Durt Dozer™ Plow installs on single-direction belts on the conveyor's return side, just before the belt enters the tail pulley. It sits across the belt at a 45° angle, using its curved blade to remove material from the inside surface of the belt at belt speeds up to 700 fpm (3.5 m/sec).

Features and Benefits:
Curved plow blade installs at angle across belt to remove material.
Turn the two-edged blade over to double the service life.


Apron Seal™ Single Skirting


Features and Benefits:
Requires less free belt edge than Heavy Duty or Double Skirting.
Offers a dual sealing system in a one-piece construction for ease of installation.
EPDM 70 rubber** composite offers good chemical resistance and low-abrasion index characteristics.
Available in continuous lengths up to 300 feet (91 m). No splices even in long applications.
Applicable on 0°, 20°, 35°, and 45° Troughing Angles.

Available in food grade thermoplastic rubber and in high temperature silicone based rubber, in lengths of 12 or 24 ft.


Tail Sealing Box

To conquer the age-old problem of material spilling off the tail of the conveyor, install the Martin® Tail Sealing Box. Installed on the rear of the chute work, the box uses ApSeal™ Skirting & Strip Rubber to create an effective seal to keep material on the conveyor.

Features and Benefits:
Seal keeps material from sliding off the belt.
Belt motion deflects tail seal to prevent accumulation at back of box.
Deflected sealing strip contains rollback without scraping off adhered material.
Return material to belt through easy-opening Martin® Inspection Door.
Field-welded on chute wall to ensure precise fit.


Trac-Mount™ Idler

Martin® Trac-Mount™ Idlers utilize sliding frames on a stationary base to provide an idler set that will fit in tight spaces between belt support cradles and allows easy installation and service. Trac-Mount™ Idlers are available with standard or wide base frames and utilize impact or steel rolls in CEMA class A, B, C, D, or E.

Features and Benefits:
Allows Close Spacing
Slide-in frames need only eight inches (203 mm) of width for 6-inch (152 mm) rolls.
Improves System Serviceability
Slide-out/slide-in roller frames allows idler service without need to raise belt or remove adjacent idlers.
Prevents Fugitive Material
Trac-Mount™ Idlers provide proper belt carriage while they stabilize the belt line to improve sealing.
PPI Rolls Now Standard
Assemblies are supplied with steel or impact rolls from Precision Pulley and Idler.

Martin Engineering can custom-design Martin® Trac-Mount™ Idlers to meet unique application requirements.


Inspection Door

Martin® dust-tight steel inspection door allows inspection and access in chutes and other enclosures for belt cleaner maintenance or other service requirements.

Steel Door
Latch handle folds down, so door stands only 2.25 inches (57 mm) high. (With handle standing, door is 4.1 inches (104 mm) high).
Also available with integral guard screen.
Suitable for service temperatures up to 400°F (204° C) continuous or 450° F (232° C) intermittent.

9 X 12 inch
12 X 14 inch
12 X 18 inch
18 X 18 inch
18 X 24 inch
20 X 20 inch
24 X 24 inch


Air Cleaner

Martin® compact dust collector installs above conveyor transfer to capture airborne dust, collecting particles in foam filter. Reverse pulse returns dust to main cargo stream.

Martin® Steel Inspection Doors (Door Size)
Compact filters work better and last longer while consuming less energy than conventional filter bags.
Small size of improved filters allows effective collection with less air movement and smaller fan, reducing energy costs.
Small unit size allows use of Air Cleaner in areas where space limitations complicates installation of other collection systems.
Reverse pulse cleans filters; replacement of compact filter elements is a one-hand, no-tool procedure performed from the clean side of the collector.
Eliminates many of the problems with central "bughouse" collection systems, including long ducting runs, large enclosures, high power consumption and difficult maintenance.
Standard model is suitable for use with non-explosive materials in non-hazardous locations.

Optional model available for use with explosive materials in hazardous locations.
Can be used as stand-alone dust collector systems, or to supplement existing central dust collection systems.